Inspiring Researchers, Strengthening Europe

COST Action IS1401ELN was recently selected by COST policy support group to be displayed as a Portuguese success story at the event "Inspiring Researchers, Strengthening Europe: Portugal in the Spotlight” that toke place at the Theatre Thalia, (Lisbon), February 20, 20017. This lunch networking event involved several high-level science policy, stakeholders, and decision makers, being therefore a great opportunity to present our network. Check abstract below and download the poster presented. 

Redefining literacy in a digital world 

The European Literacy Network (ELN) brings together researchers in reading and writing across 38 European countries, aligning their research agendas, training the next generation of literacy researchers, redefining literacy, and aiming to bridge the gap between the science of literacy and education.
Literacy is a specialist area of expertise that studies competence with a written language. Today, the development of this competence is ever more critical, in an environment of complex digital societies where literacy underpins a myriad of adaptive behaviours – especially the full realisation of human potential and allowing effective participation in community progress. Participation in the community requires people to achieve a threshold level of literacy. The main responsibility of universal, compulsory education is to provide optimal conditions for all children to reach and surpass this threshold. 
They are thriving in the ELN network, exchanging with its 288 researchers who study wide-ranging aspects of literacy development from basic, foundational features in emergent literacy to the highly-intertwined skills of academic writing. The network is addressing burgeoning topics across Europe such as multilingualism, dyslexia, handwriting, spelling, digital literacy, deep reading, literacies in higher education, and development of digital tools for researching or supporting literacy attainments. Collectively this network is coordinating literacy research across Europe and redefining literacy in a digital world. ELN is deeply engaged in research that ultimately promotes literacy attainment for all.

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More information about this event here.
Photo credits: COST Association

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